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Contemporary Aboriginal Art – Mission Statement for Bundilla Gallery

Buy Aboriginal Art Online at Bundilla Gallery. The sole purpose of this website is to make it easy for you to buy unique, stunning and modern Australian indigenous Aboriginal artworks quickly and easily. All the pieces of artwork that we have online have been hand-picked for their original designs by well known, local indigenous artists.

As the director of the gallery, Alan Pearce, I am not of aboriginal descent, but my wife Karli is a bundjalung woman and together we have seven children & feel it is our duty to ensure their heritage and culture is kept alive. To do so we must ensure the younger artist be given opportunities to communicate their culture of which was passed on through their elders and family members.

For this very reason we have chosen some contemporary aboriginal art to sell or lease online so you too can be a part of it and experience the sheer beauty of owning an Aboriginal artwork. All our artwork and didgeridoos are 100% authentic and have been meticulously painted and crafted by some of Australia’s best known artists.

You can experience for yourself the beauty, colour and rich designs by choosing from our extensive range of authentic paintings and one off edition prints by local Australian Aboriginal artists. No other website has the range of works than we do.

Because we have very strong ties and work along side many different Aboriginal community art centres throughout Australia, you can select from credible, original & legitimate works at very affordable prices – now everyone can have a little piece of Australia in their home or business. All paintings by Bundilla Art Gallery come with certificates of authenticity.

Browse through our collections for sale or lease online or simply contact us for any more information.