aboutAbout Bundilla Aboriginal Art gallery

Bundilla, the meaning is that of meeting water’s, it is where all the water streams into one pool and gathers.

As the director of the gallery, Alan Pearce, I myself am not of aboriginal descent, but my wife Karli is a bundjalung woman and together we have seven children & feel it is our duty to ensure their heritage and culture is kept alive. To do so we must ensure the younger artist be given opportunities to communicate their culture of which was passed on through their elders and family members.

We as a gallery will provide opportunities for communities to come together in our gallery to network and share ideas creating wider understanding of a Australia’s first people, giving those who would have little opportunity to voice their ideas and culture to stand tall and represent their communities.

We will be helping youth and elders create opportunities to not only create a better understanding of indigenous people and their culture but to establish themselves and provide a better lifestyle through their artistic contributions.

One of our main aims is to create a platform for the unknown artist and troubled youth so as to provide those individuals opportunities to showcase themselves and their abilities as strong indigenous people, communicating their cultural beliefs and personal struggles and triumphs through their artistic values.

We believe that with the right opportunities anyone can be who they truly want to be.

We are not just another mediator for artists and clients, but we are entrenched in supporting and helping local indigenous artist creating better opportunities to become self-reliant.

We as a gallery try and showcase local indigenous communities one by one, because each community has a unique way of creating and telling their culture giving us exceptional art works with many different contrasts and interpretations.

We believe in the stopping of fake and non traditional mass produced knock offs being imported into our country and being allowed to be sold as traditional art.

Our artworks are sourced through local indigenous communities and every piece of art is authenticated and each piece is enriched with the artist dreamtime and culture, something that is only truly relayed in authentic indigenous art.

We as a gallery support both our artists and clients in ensuring that the art we supply is that of impeccable standards and is true to the first Australian people to whom we represent.