Who is Brian Daley the Aboriginal Artist?

Brian the artist intent on providing for his family through creating artworks that represent his heritage culture and dreamtime.

Brian is an individual who prides himself on creating artworks full of inspiration and detail that lets the mind wander into the artwork before them, allowing the art to take pride of place in the eyes of any art lover

Brian is a proud bundjalung man from cabbage tree island and a lot of his art represent his peoples lands and the food stores available via those lands such as fish crabs grubs ect.

Indigenous artist will create artworks that represent the placement of there lands with in Australia and coastal tribes will show a lot of sea creatures and foods associated with the sea,were as the tribes within the inland spots will show more berries,plants,grubs and roos ect.

Dreamtime is a special and intricate part of the indigenous people, they are the stories of how things come to be and are passed down through generations by the elders with in the tribes, artist strengthen there beliefs by highlighting those stories in their art works and allow non indigenous people the opportunity to understand how important dreamtime and culture is to Australia’s first people.

Brian is in the process of creating a large artwork 2000mm by 1000mm which will be available for viewing soon.

Our gallery facilitates commissioned artworks by our artist, and we are available to book in clients for consultations to create that special piece of artwork for the home or workplace.